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The Civic AI Lab Event Calendar: MAY 2022

May 9th and 10th - Workshop at AAMAS 2022: ALA 2022

Fernando Santos is on the organizing committee of the ALA (Adaptive and Learning Agents) workshop. The workshop encompasses diverse fields such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Biology, as well as Cognitive and Social Sciences. The ALA workshop will focus on agents and multiagent systems that employ learning or adaptation.

Organization: AAMAS 2022

Location: Auckland, NZ

Information: (Registration is closed)

May 18th - Congres 'Hey Siri, vind een geschikte kandidaat'

This congress is organized by WOMEN INC. and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and discusses the challenges and possibilities that AI brings to recruitment and selection processes. It strives to display routes to inclusive and civic-centered AI processes in this field. Sennay Ghebreab will give a keynote presentation about his perspective on the current developments in ethical AI.

Time: 13.00 - 18.00

Organization: ICAI: The Labs

Location: DeFabrique, Westkanaaldijk 7, Utrecht

May 19th - AI for Individual Medical Precision in the Netherlands

At the event "ICAI: The Labs", Civic AI Lab and the AI for Precision Health, Nutrition & Behaviour Lab will discuss the current challenges and developments in the field and the relation to their work. Emma Beauxis-Aussalet will introduce Civic AI Lab and Sara Altamirano with Ilse van der Linden will discuss ‘AI for Health in the Public Sector: XAI for Assessing Fairness and Informing Decisions’.

Time: 12.00-13.00

Organization: ICAI: The Labs

Location: Hybrid Event: A1.28, Science Park 904, Amsterdam / Online

May 26th - CONNECT Recharge: Women Who Code Conference

Hinda Haned will give a keynote presentation regarding ‘Mitigating Biased Algorithms in the Real World’. She will talk about the importance of responsible data science in the development of modern-day decision-making systems.

Time: 7.00am - 9.00 pm ET - Hinda Haned: 01.45 - 02.30 PM CEST

Dutch Time: 13.00 - 03.00 - Hinda Haned: 19.45 - 20.30

Organization: CONNECT Recharge

Location: Online


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