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"Bits of you", at the NEMO Studio

by Katerina Makrogamvraki

Today Civic AI Lab had the chance to visit the exhibition "Bits of You" at the Nemo studio.

This exhibition allows the visitor to experience how the data traces we leave behind every day, affect our life. Via the different installations in six different pavilions, you get the chance to understand how data collection was always around, discover how algorithms work and catch a glimpse of the data future. We are proud that our Lab played an integral role on the design of this immersive experience.

Via interactive installations we got to discover the different ways we leave data traces behind us consciously or unconsciously.

With an travel throw time we had the chance to see different objects and ways that data were collected through different periods. From a clay tablet of the Roman era to a card of the 40s that hold personal data such as religion, to a morden customer supermarket card. This glimpse on history of data collection makes you aware of how data always played an important role.

In the following pavilions we meet with 4 different personas and experienced how they perceive data collection (positive or negative), we interacted with a bias gender recognition algorithm and understood how our data could be used to create digital profiles.

Last but not least, we had a chance to get a glimpse of how a digital data driven future might look like. Via a series of posters "from the future" we were comforted with how our data could shape our world.


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