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Sennay Ghebreab was appointed as a member of State Commission against Discrimination and Racism

Earlier today the Dutch Cabinet installed the State Commission against Discrimination Racism, and appointed its members. The State Commission has an interdisciplinary, scientific profile and will perform long-term research (2022-2026) on fundamental issues to provide new scientific insights.

We are proud to announce that Sennay Ghebreab was appointed as member of the State Commission. As the only member with a science background, Sennay will focus on AI.

Broad knowledge and expertise

The members appointed today are Prof. mr. J.H. (Janneke) Gerards; dr. S. (Sennay) Ghebreab; Prof. dr. Dr. H. (Halleh) Ghorashi; Prof. dr. dr. P.L.H. (Peer) Scheepers; Mr E.F. (Errol) Stoove; Prof. dr. Dr A.B. (Ashley) Terlouw; Prof. dr. Dr. P. (Patrizia) Zanoni. The fields of expertise of the members include public administration, legal science, AI, cultural anthropology, method of sociological research, implementation of policy and regulation by executive organizations, sociology of law and organizational psychology. These areas of expertise had been determined in advance as necessary knowledge for the State Commission to be able to carry out the stated assignment. Within these fields, the members have focused on issues of discrimination, equal opportunities, the position of minorities, diversity, equal treatment legislation and/or ethnic profiling.

Find more about the State Commission here:


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