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Civic AI Lab - one of seven UvA teams ‘Valued’ for science communication

Civic AI Lab is one of the seven University of Amsterdam projects to be awarded 10.000€ from the "Gewaardeerd!" fund of the Ministry of Education.

We aim to use these resources to spread the word about developing AI technology that promotes economic and social human rights, such as the right to health, education and employment, while respecting fundamental human rights such as non-discrimination and equality of opportunity.

The other awarded projects from the University of Amsterdam are the following:

Women on the (historical) map!

Faculty of Humanities The team focuses on creating a digital lesson package about the history of women in world cities, aimed at secondary school students.

Everyone is musical: What music cognition research can say about the everyday listener

Faculty of Humanities The scientists want to show everyone who loves music and wants to understand how our relationship with music works, that listeners are more musical than they think and share their knowledge from science about this.

The first 1,000 days: the foundation for the Healthy Generation

Faculty of Medicine

The team informs expectant parents, policy makers and professionals about the importance of the first 1,000 days of life.

Children are our future

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Central to this project is making pedagogical, educational and developmental psychological knowledge as widely accessible and usable as possible. The researchers focus not only on children and parents, but also on teachers, trainers, practitioners and policy makers at home and abroad.


Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Piece Red Meat links political and other socio-scientific insights to current events. The researchers focus on politically-interested citizens, and indirectly also journalists, politicians and policy makers.

100 years of Pancake!

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science The aim of this project is to produce a podcast about astronomy, aimed at a wide audience of interested parties.


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