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Project liaison Civic AI Lab and City of Amsterdam

Are you passionate about organizing, facilitating and operating in an environment where AI for public good is practiced and pushed? The Civic AI Lab is seeking a project leader to act as a liaison between, on the one hand, various departments of the City of Amsterdam, and on the other, the lab’s research projects in the domains of education, welfare, health, mobility and environment.

The Civic AI Lab was launched recently as collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of Interior Affairs. It is part of ICAI, the national Innovation Centre for AI, and is situated within the larger Amsterdam data science and artificial intelligence ecosystem, which includes Amsterdam Data Science, and AI technology for People, an initiative designed to help the city of Amsterdam develop and deploy responsible data-driven AI technology that serves people working in health business innovation and citizen support.

Research projects of Civic AI Lab focus on developing advanced AI technology that promotes economic and social human rights, such as the right to health, education and employment, while respecting fundamental human rights such as non-discrimination and equality. All research projects are based on use cases and data provided by various departments of the City of Amsterdam.

What are you going to do?

As project leader you will form an integral bridge between the Civic AI Lab and the City of Amsterdam. Specifically, you will:

  • promote collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and Civic AI Lab by exploring and matching AI-related questions, data, use cases at various departments of the City of Amsterdam with scientific insights, technical solutions, socio-ethical validations at the Civic AI Lab;

  • communicate and disseminate the lab’s vision on AI to the general public, and help establish an information point for citizens, civil servants and entrepreneurs with questions about new AI technologies and their fair, responsible and inclusive use;

  • develop an AI in Practice educational program for civil servants based on AI questions, answers, opportunities and threats identified in the course of the project.

What do we require?

You have:

  • completed an academic training (Master), preferably in one of the exact sciences;

  • experience or keen interest in urban innovation, public policy and AI technology;

  • the ability to carefully balance multiple tasks and activities, and manage multiple projects;

  • a people-centered management and leadership style;

  • the capacity to inspire and reach out to diverse teams and people;

  • strong communication, skills, with capacity to produce and write reports;

  • an excellent command of the English in speech and writing.

See full vacancy here.


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